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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  February 13, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PST

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lately and now what we're looking at is definitely not subjects such crystal clear conditions san francisco sitting under some low lying cloud cover right now it's not really having an impact on your bridges. >>nor your us the financial district view just yet but this fog is going to lower and that means a bigger impact on visibility. a little later this morning, san francisco will see visibility. briefly falling below a mile around 07:00am nevado now pay even santa rosa will be checking in with visibility also falling below a mile at times this morning. our clear spots will be southeastern parts of the bay and then the south part of the bay and peninsula, north bay, especially going to be seeing an impact from that fog resulting in some lower visibility in spots besides that skies will clear out pretty quickly into the afternoon in the knee of sunshine that will keep us going with some nice weather later on today just got to get through this foggy morning first 40's and 50's for your current temperatures will to lay how at 48 berkeley of 49 conquered right now at a cool
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43 later today, those 40's boost into the 60's for daytime highs making for quite the comfortable one there right graphic is a been a little unruly to start this wednesday, some mid 60's for inland areas later on and some low 60's for coastal in bayside areas to kick off this thursday. >>robin all right, thank you let's check in on traffic we want to take a peek at 80 the bay bridge traffic getting a little busy here into san francisco. so the cash lanes are stacking up on the left on the right. but overall it's a quick trip of 8 minutes off to fremont street what about 92. this is westbound 92 uh see some flashing lights on the shoulder, there looks like it may be a tow truck. we sit on the shoulder not blocking so we're looking at 13 minutes here. but you know the shelters are really narrow on the san mateo bridge saw double check and see we have anything new reported but we're 13 minutes so far to make it over to the peninsula. let's head over to the richmond sandra fell we're checking in on west bound 5.80 we're doing fine. go ahead and
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use it get out there within the next hour, it's going to be packed so you can beat the morning rush. if you're just willing to roll out of bed a little bit earlier 7 minutes off to one o one it's not easy trust me i go through every over to 6.80 we're checking in awesome the southbound commute and we're looking at 11 minutes from highway 4 through the 24 split on out to danville it doing fine this morning crossing the dunbarton bridge easy 11 minutes for 84 west to bayfront expressway. the trip from livermore to dublin looks good and the trip from the peninsula leaving brisbane heading north on one oh one it's wide open all the way up to 80 in san francisco. back to a big story that we've been following for you a bay area woman is stuck on board another cruise ship with 2000 others. their cruise ship was turned away over fears of the corona virus spreading kron four's justine waltman spoke with the woman who says the stream vacation took a very different >>dancing the night away as how passengers on board
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holland america cruise ship passed the time. >>the 30 day crews started in singapore but was rejected at port after port to dock because of coronavirus concerns christina kirby from alameda is on board with her mom turned out to be something quite different the more than 1400 passengers and 800 crew members got turned away by thailand, guam, japan and the philippines. so certainly there's been emotional roller coaster not knowing by >>in general around spend their couldn't get around shep and people have really come together to go with the just be very flexible and resilient been wonderful to witness instead of sightseeing across asia, christina had to stay on board she took oga spin classes enjoy the buffet not sec we not confined to our swear, sitting by the pool where having together or having and i it was important
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that the world know that cambodia has finally accepted the cruise ship before disembarking all passengers will undergo a health screening. >>and then the cruise line will charter flights to get everyone back home as a room service arrived with hot coffee, christina told kron 4 news she has no regrets she actually enjoyed her trip. she spent time with her mom and made memories and different once then she front we have been trapped on board a luxury cruise ship so it's not a terrible greatest and >>all this even though there was no coronavirus on the cruise ship at any point. now christina will get her trip reimbursed her flight back home taken care of and a free cruise to take in the future and she does plan on taking it eventually. in the newsroom, i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. >>and apollo all to woman and her daughter, they're back home after being quarantined for 2 weeks. so neither esther tobacco nor her daughter has
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the virus that who are visiting relatives in wuhan as the coronavirus began to spread locking down the city to becca says that she was terrified. >>what we're talking about the 10's of thousands of people infected. hundreds or you want even more dead and that the number keeps on growing every day a few bad that others couldn't get on the flight the same time i a blast to be able to because in a way we have to. >>homeland security committee they held a special hearing to learn what the federal government are doing to combat and contain this worldwide epidemic raquel martin reports. >>this is kind of revealing some some gaps in system here which we need to address wisconsin senator ron johnson says he's concerned the us may not be prepared to combat and contain the coronavirus this ought to be huge wake-up call for our country johnson and senator gary peters say the us is dangerously dependent on
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china for vaccines medical devices and protective gear like mask and gloves in china is ground 0 for the coronavirus epidemic that we're relying on china to produce a vaccine for us here in the united states i suspect they'll use those axes for their own people first former fda commissioner scott gottlieb that the us needs new drug policies to ensure lifesaving products are readily available in the u s. >>this extends in china another month or 2 i think we're going to start to see some shortages of critical components health experts on the panel told lawmakers the best way to combat the coronavirus. >>is by investing more money to help local federal and state governments prepare democrat senator kamala harris as small communities are especially vulnerable. there seems to a distribution. >>responsibility but not a distribution of resources former cdc director doctor julie gerberding says the government must been now to protect citizens. >>noting the nature of the coronavirus remains a mystery got to keep up with the state of the science we have filed
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this and then we need to figure out who's been contacted. johnson says he's planning more public hearings to ensure the us. these ahead of the epidemic in washington recall martin. richmond police are looking for this man he's connected to an armed robbery take a look they say that he followed the victim along san pablo avenue monday night. >>he pointed a firearm arm and he demanded money and property. the victim handed over everything and the man got away. police believe that he is one of these 2 men take a look responsible for this armed robbery that happened over in oakland, this was monday in the diamond district 2 men approached a man was just you know washing his car they put a gun to his head. they got away with the man's phone and jewelry. san francisco's district attorney wants to help car burglary victims by proposing an idea that would actually help replace a broken car windows in the new budget proposal sfda chase with dean includes setting aside one million for victims. they're still working
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out the kinks but the da offers this potential breakdown of how the funds will be used. >>only pay for folks whose insurance doea not cover it and we would contract with locally owned last repair businesses sure that the money being spent by the city is going back into jobs right here in san francisco, but unfortunately we're the city to put victims first and to support fixing broken car windows. >>so we have some mixed reactions about this many residents, they welcome the hewhile others are arguing that it will only perpetuate the problem and not solve it. well to the south bay now drinking water for residents in the willow glen neighborhood may be contaminated settles a water says that the company responsible has taken measures to fix us but neighbors are still concerned kron four's michelle kingston reports some residents tell me what makes the most upset about this letter is not just learning about this substance, but just how long it took them to be notified of the issue getting a and it being 8 months from
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the time that they discovered the problem is alarming this is just one of about 11,000 san jose water customers who received a notice from the water company warning of potential per floor locked in so far nic acid concentrations above the state notification level in their drinking water, the substance also known as p f o s is describe a san jose waters and manmade substance that has been synthesized for water and resistance and used in products like carpets clothing and cookware they say exposure to the substance in tap water over certain levels may result in adverse health effects, including thyroid and reproductive toxicity and pancreatic and liver cancer, not really knowing. >>much about what the substance can do to ourselves our children, our dogs. >>that's alarming the letter received by some neighbors. this past weekend explains the water company begin monitoring their wells in 2019 and discovered pfa wessing cause in-tray shuns above the
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notification level in 6 of its wells and immediately discontinued use of those wells the letter goes on to say that their customers are no longer receiving water with concentrations of this substance about the notification level and that their water meet all standards set by federal and state regulatory agencies but that they sent the letter in the interest of transparency to communicate out to our customers what we're doing to keep their water safe. it makes me feelwe trust that the well has been fixed and how can we trust are safe the origin of the contaminant is unknown, according to san jose water. but they say they're working to determine how it was introduced into the ground water supply in san jose michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>coming up next on the kron 4 morning news while the warmer weather may be enjoyable getting bit by mosquitoes not so much why you're seeing more of them out and about. a little peek outside before we
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go checking in on the beautiful shot of the embarcadero here in san francisco, it's going to be a little chilly outside and foggy to you're waking up to temperatures in the 30's and 40's mainly but your afternoon looks nice we'll let you know when that fog will pull back and we'll get some sunshine after the break. tom steyer: listen, every democrat running for president is better than the criminal in the white house. we all have progressive plans to address the big challenges facing our country. what makes me different, is i've been working for ten years outside of washington, to end the corporate takeover of our democracy,
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and to return power to the american people. i started need to impeach to hold this lawless president accountable. i'm proposing big reforms like term limits... ...a national referendum... ...and ending corporate money in politics. as president, i'll declare climate change an emergency on day 1. and, use those powers to finally address the climate crisis. and, i've spent 30 years building a successful international business. so, i can take on donald trump on the economy - and beat him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message - because there is nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people.
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othroughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. >>welcome back the recent warmer weather is drawing out swarms of mosquitoes grab very pellet most of them are waking
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up from hibernation the warmer temperatures are also causing mosquito eggs to hatch. lonnie wong has more. >>so how does the song lyrics go it might as well be spring. those enjoying the outdoors may have to share their space with swarms of mosquitoes prematurely awakened from winter hibernation and there's a lot of mosquitoes out ahead. you know russian away and they badly for him on the forehead that is not a surprise or sack yolo mosquito and vector control, mosquitoes people are now seeing for adult mosquitoes that migrate from flooded. rice fields when they were drained in the fall for harvest they migrate to inhabited areas and hibernate and shrubs with tiles and structures until it gets warmer when they await to feed their definitely out there hungry, they're aggressive and they're looking to bite the warmer temperatures also accelerate the hatching of eggs already laid of course you can take advantage of this warm february weather by looking around for containers, holding standing water leftover from the most recent storms this train was teeming
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with mosquito larvae which typically slowly or not at all during cold weather. but a little sunshine kick-starts their development into flying mosquitoes. the mosquitoes you are seeing now are fully mature and i'm like warm weather species that most often by during dawn and dusk, they were active during the day and they are hungry enough to fall you indoors as social gunter discovered had opened the car door and was talking to a family member and then. >>it just 7 came in and their deaths, the mighty mice and it was it was pretty bad. >>if you don't like mosquitoes in the litter the weather can also be your friend if we get a cooling trend we get some rain that will definitely see get some relief in sacramento, >>all right so yeah we love warmer weather definitely enjoy it. but not so much now that's the yes and i know what's good probably going to be out and about this morning to chile for them it is cold
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out there, but it is also quite foggy had is karl the fog is back i know fog but in egypt and miss you. but here you are again looking outside at some of those foggy conditions over san francisco. it's a mostly just some low cloud cover that's hanging out above the city top of the sales first tower now shrouded in a little bit at times this morning you're going to see fog lowering our right into the bay and that's when you're going to have this ability impact on your bridges. >>on the peninsula and then especially in the north bay later on this morning is when you can expect a visibility impact on routes such as one oh one as you're driving up into marine and sonoma counties now we have are placed that warm dry inland there that was keeping us nice and clear over the past few mornings with some ocean cool there and that is now be paying pushed in right on into the bay and us that fog that we are seeing you see that light coastal breeze making its way on into the bay area this morning. so what you do see that that's when we get the foggy impact and we certainly are seeing that this
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morning with some low clouds that will at times be blocking out this ability aside from morning, fog and some gray skies to start we do have a lot of sunshine this afternoon and under the sun shiny skies, pretty comfortable temperatures, definitely one of our coolest days of the week so far today millbrae and san bruno only in the upper 50's but we're still hanging out seasonable if not a little above average for this time of year. daytime highs in the south bay will easily rise still into the mid 60's today, san jose at 66 union city and hayward at 63 for your highs while looking at some lower 60's in oakland berkeley and richmond at 62 degrees each north bay temperatures possibly are cool biggest of a cool down from where we were at earlier this week remember areas like santa rosa and napa we're flirting with the 80's if not to 80 degrees today only in the mid to low 60's. tomorrow temperatures pretty much the same as today for your
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valentine's day saturday and sunday we're going to stay in the 60's with saturday being your warmest day of the weekend and sunday being you're only day in this forecast that even brings the chance of rainfall and even then just a slight chance of rain up in the north bay. >>robin all right, thank you john a little busy at the bay bridge toll plaza your drive into san francisco is picking up in some of those cash lanes so there's just a minor weight overall it's been nice and quiet so we're at 8 minutes off to fremont street we're checking in on what i want to cross the golden gate. this is your connection between the north bay and san francisco and you're doing fine right now it's only 19 minutes, so a quick trip. no troubles to worry about here, you're feeling good on city streets with no major issues reported off to the richmond sandra fell it's going to be a hot spot free commute heading west on 5.80 off to one oh one and the traffic tracker shows you more freeways take a peek if you take 5.80. you have to get for livermore to dublin we're only at 10 minutes 6.80 looks fine rolling south through dublin signal in fremont the
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nimitz you know that can be a rough commute during the latter part of the morning drive but right now you're good at 19 minutes from to 38 to 2.37 or you're leaving to 37 out to milpitas only 6 minutes for your connection to sunnyvale so you're right on time. let's talk about the dubs the warriors now have a week of rest they play their final game before the all-star break last night the warriors were visiting phoenix arizona for a game against the suns the new player on the team andrew wiggins he scored 27 points for nhs wasn't enough. >>warriors lose to the suns one 12 to one oh 06:00pm the all-star weekend kicks off on friday and then the warriors will be back on the court for a home game against the rockets next i'm next well over in scottsdale arizona pitchers and catchers for the giants they're practicing for spring training, it's about that time. >>it's the first camp under new manager gabe kapler so the giants are looking to get back to the playoffs for the first time since 2016, yes, we need to get back there and they
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want to in the stretch of 3 consecutive losing seasons, the giants full-squad they get there on monday. and not mesa arizona expectations are pretty high for the team and the a's are coming off back to back in 97 win seasons with appearances and the playoffs. so the team has a talented young roster with a stack pitching rotation. here's what manager bob melvin has to say about this crime. >>you talk a lot about was our own pot in you know when i come back so forth frankie montas is going to be a big piece for us last year you saw what he did in the 1st half he was forgoing domini was dominant he would've made the all-star team. so we're looking forward to seeing what he can do for us for a full year in a in the experience in the conference of the game from last year as a young cali group for sure we're all excited about it. >>so the rest of the a's team will arrive in arizona on monday, let's go a's, let's go giants guess i'm rooting for >>a multibillion dollar project to build a bullet
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train between los angeles and san francisco. it's becoming even more expensive officials added another billion to the high speed rail line budget. this brings estimated total to over $80 billion. it ain't cheap. construction is on schedule to have about 20% of the track laid down by 2022. would be in california. well the famous yosemite firefall optical illusion may not happen this year, it's beautiful indeed the all-natural magic trick happens when light from the setting sun hits the waterfall at just the right angle, but the national park services says that there's little to no water for this to happen usually happens for a short time in february this year's window was today through the 27 so. maybe next year. the peak outside you want to check in on conditions around the bay area. here's a live look at s f o want to check with your carrier this morning because karl the fog is back so some of your waking up to
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some patchy fog and. >>you know how that goes it could lead to delays at the airport sfo but we are expecting another on nice mild day john tribal tracking your forecast he has everything you need to know coming up after th this. climate change is an emergency. that's why i wrote the nation's most progressive climate law. and that's why i'm endorsing tom steyer. because when big oil tried to stop our clean air laws,
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or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines, don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. so help heal your skin from within, and talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent. >>welcome back 4.54 on this thursday morning skies definitely fog year than they have been and we know what that means we've got potential for delays now as of right now
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we're sitting pretty good at sfo in fact it's not all that fog yet sfo just yet. but fog will be drifting further south on the peninsula and likely to cause a few delays to the morning so keep an eye on that we're getting closer to the weekend now so maybe you do have a flight planned out of their 30's 40's and 50's for current temperatures nevado definitely one of our cooler spots well, san francisco and oakland not sitting too bad at all in the low 50's we treated in that strong wind that taken making its way from the northeast and pushing it any fog well out of the bay area with some wind blowing in from the ocean and that is pushing in the fog this morning, it's some lighter winds so nothing that's going to be disrupting your commute but that fog certainly could be with visibility seeing an impact at times this morning, especially in the north bay. >>robert all right. thank you let's check in on traffic worthy your backup is growing right now at the bay bridge toll plaza so if you plan on rolling into san francisco there's going to be awaits in some of the cash lanes some of
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the fast track lanes it's already spilling testing on the 80 over crossing so busy but not bad nothing really stressed out about all right we're checking in on 92 west. it's a little crowded as well this is your trip from the east bay to the peninsula and we see more and more tail lights here some 13 minutes and growing off to one on one and then west 5.82 the richmond sandra fell nice and quiet hot spot free and only 7 minutes for your trip to the north bay. well coming up in the next on the kron 4 morning news at 5 a major swat operation underway right now in san jose will have the latest details coming up in a live report. >>plus tomorrow as the very last day for people to travel to china from sfo, how the coronavirus is impacting the bay area. and 2 people are in the hospital this morning after a driver ran rammed into a minibus and hit pedestrians will hear from some of the witnesses coming up.
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and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. and now, during the ultimate sleep number event, save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 36 months. ends monday >>will trend live in san jose with breaking news, heavy police presence in the neighborhood off of capitol expressway. you can see police officers still on the scene we just got some new information and i will give that to you and just a few minutes from now on this breaking news. cases of coronavirus have spiked in mainland china and
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tomorrow suspending all flights they're all everything you need to know from us a phone in a live report coming up. >>and possible relief for car break-in victims in san francisco will explain what the da is proposing. and thanks for waking up on a thursday with us and daria false and i'm james fletcher impressed, you just said that every day this week so far so we'll keep the trend going are let's get to a weather john trouble standing by with a look at forecast for today, good morning. i can keep the trend going guys the fog free mornings that we have been seeing have officially ended as the fog is push to back in this morning so are returning to some lower visibility in your web cams but you can at


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